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February 24 2017

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Ludzi zrażam do siebie bo milczę.
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Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi plays with his action toys and uses photography to tell their entertaining stories. Osaka-based Hot.kenobi creates a universe where box office rivals DC and Marvel comics (sometimes Disney’s Star Wars as well) not only battle each other, but also have some fun in both surreal and everyday situations. Most of his compositions are explosive and feature a lot of movement, perfectly supplemented by special effects and a healthy dose of humor.

Whether it’s Hulk smashing a can of soda, or Spiderman trying to ‘play’ Captain America’s shield on a CD player, these images bring the colorful personalities of unlikely friends and foes.

More info: Instagram (h/t: ufunk)
















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February 22 2017

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me as hell

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Jeśli o nic nie prosisz, niczego nie dostaniesz. Więc proś. Czasem usłyszysz “tak”, czasem “nie”. Ale jeśli nawet nie zapytasz, odpowiedź zawsze brzmi “nie”. Sam jej sobie udzieliłeś.”
— Regina Brett
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February 16 2017

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